P.A.: No Extension of Peace Talks


JERUSALEM, Israel -- Palestinian Authority officials say they will not extend peace talks with Israel when the nine-month timeframe expires in April, not even by a day.

In a press conference Tuesday following a visit with Romanian President Traian Basescu, P.A. President Mahmoud Abbas said there had been no talk of extending the timeframe. Earlier in the week, Abbas blamed Israel for the lack of progress, saying "the problem is with the Israeli side and not with us," Arutz Sheva reported.

Meanwhile, P.A. chief negotiator Saeb Erekat said they would not sanction even a one-day extension.

"We renewed the talks on terms defined in advance and in a clear manner for a period of nine months," the P.A.'s official Ma'an news agency quoted Erekat. He denied rumors of "secret talks" in Washington.

"They talk about secret talks in Washington and here I am in Jericho. It's a complete lie," Erekat said.

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