Why Israel Must Be Allowed to Crush Hamas


Israel must be allowed to crush Hamas in the Gaza Strip not only for the sake of preserving its values, but to send a message to terrorists worldwide, according to former Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren.

Oren, an historian, diplomat and student of Israel's history, said Hamas' demise would benefit other Western nations as well

"Life in Gaza is miserable now, but if Israel is permitted to prevail, circumstances can improve markedly," he wrote in a Washington Post op-ed.

"U.S.- and Canadian-trained security forces of the Palestinian Authority can take over key crossings and patrol Gaza's porous border with Egypt," he continued. "Rather than be funneled into Hamas's war chest, international aid can be transferred directly to the civilian population to repair war damage and stimulate economic growth."

"Terrorist groups and their state patrons can be put on notice: The game has changed unalterably," he wrote.

Ambassador Oren shared more with CBN News' Chris Mitchell about Israel's current war to rid the Gaza Strip of the Hamas threat, whether it be rocket fire or terror tunnel. He brings a clear-eyed analysis of who Hamas is, its media strategy, and why this war is vital for the United States and the West. 

Click play for his comments.

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