Syrian Crisis Deepening, No End in Sight


JERUSALEM, Israel --  Three years after Syrians first started a peaceful protest for change in their country, Syrians are experiencing a humanitarian crisis of epic proportions, with the ruling regime using starvation as a weapon of war -- and most of the world is looking the other way, experts are saying.

There's evidence of Syrian President Bashar Assad's regime carrying out unimaginable atrocities on the Syrian people. Hundreds of thousands have fled. The death toll continues to climb -- some estimating more than 140,000 killed. Photographs of children starving to death, bodies piling up in the streets make their way to the outside world from time to time.

Amnesty International Middle East and North Africa Director Philip Louter said starvation is rampant, Times of Israel Middle East analyst Avi Issacharoff reported.

"Syrian forces are committing war crimes by using starvation of civilians as a weapon of war," Louter reportedly said. "The harrowing accounts of families having to resort to eating cats and dogs, and civilians attacked by snipers as they forage for food, have become all too familiar details of the horror story that has materialized in Yarmouk."  Hezbollah has become increasingly entrenched in Syria's war, Isarcharoff reports, not only in fighting inside Syria, but also at the border with Israel.

As a reward for its willingness to fight alongside his troops, Assad is supplying the terror group with advanced weaponry for a future war with Israel. The Syrian dictator has also alluded to carrying out attacks on the Golan Heights from its side of the border.

Issacharoff says Assad needs Hezbollah to defeat opposition forces.

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