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Christians, Jews Urged to Unite as Ominous Era Dawns


LOVELAND, Colo. -- A group of Christians and Messianic Jews is concerned about the growing hatred of Jews around the world. At a Colorado summit, the leaders plan to fight anti-Semitism by standing on the scriptures and with the nation of Israel.

As conditions get worse globally for Jews and Christians, the message from the Israel Summit is clear:  it's time for those who believe the Bible to stand with Israel.

At Resurrection Fellowship, hundreds of Christian and Jewish believers are on hand to witness the launch of a global effort called FIRM -- the Fellowship of Israel-Related Ministries.

Jerusalem Pastor Wayne Hilsden founded FIRM to be a bulwark against hatred and to bless the world by supporting Israel and the Jewish people. He says it will come with a cost.

"Certainly among many in the Islamic world, we, the Sunday people, are viewed as just as bad as the Saturday people, and there may come a day when our lives will be at risk because of our commitment to love and bless the Jewish people," Hilsden, founder of the Fellowship of Israel-Related Ministries, told the gathering.

Rabbi Jonathan Bernis, president of Jewish Voice Ministries International, says the hatred of Jews is an outgrowth of a fierce spiritual clash between God and Satan.

"Folks, we are in a battle. We are facing a very real enemy who is wounded and who truly believes he can stop God's plan from being fulfilled," Bernis said in an address to the summit. "What's our job? Fulfill the plan."

Anti-Semitism is at its strongest on many college campuses. So the summit is paying special attention to young people. One conference participant has a key role in reaching them with a message that's more spiritual than political.

"As a young person, when I think about God -- how He forgives me, how He shows me mercy -- how much more will he do the same for Israel?  How much more will His love endure forever?" he said.

The Stand with Israel Movement is worldwide, and the people who came to Colorado are from at least a dozen countries and many U.S. states.

"Gathering together with others that have the same heart and same mind to see God's purposes fulfilled, to see Israel supported, to see the Jewish people come back to their own Messiah," explained Chris Schear of Kansas City, Missouri.

Beth Scheer says the summit changed her perspective.

"Knowing that times are going to be coming when they're not really even going to like us for what we stand for, but that we still need to stand for them and know that our God is for them," she said.

Rabbi Bernis told CBN News he believes uniting Jewish and gentile leadership can solve many serious problems.

"Like the rise of anti-Semitism, the growth of Replacement Theology [and] anti-Israel attitudes, we need to deal with this together, and we need to deal with this now," Bernis said.

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