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Palestinian Terrorists Mimick ISIS in Brutal Attacks on Israelis


JERUSALEM, Israel -- Palestinians killed one Israeli and wounded four others in attacks Tuesday as terror attacks continued in the Jewish nation.

If ISIS had its way, it would be more involved in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The Islamic group released a video admonishing Palestinians to step up terror attacks against Israelis.

The recent wave of terrorism in Israel shows signs of mimicking ISIS tactics, like their beheading videos, Israeli Infrastructure Minister Yuval Steinitz told CBN News.

"The fact that they're using knives, coming to people's neck, trying to cut them or behead them," Steinitz said, gesturing with his hand at his throat. "I'm confident that at least some of those terrorists were not just indoctrinated but inspired also from ISIS."

The ISIS production shows Israelis being murdered in terror attacks, praying, crying and being buried. Some of the video is taken from security camera footage of recent attacks.

The video urges Palestinians to use knives, explosives, and poison to kill Israelis. It also shows ISIS clips of murdering individuals.

Former Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) secret service official Lior Ackerman said ISIS doesn't exist in the Palestinian areas as an organization, but it would if it could.

"I think that they are trying to take advantage [of] what happens here," he told CBN News. "They will do any effort to send terrorists inside and to put a stamp that ISIS entered here."

Ackerman said social media paved the way for the terror group.

"I think because of the social networks, the easy access to the sites of ISIS abroad, every Palestinian who opens a computer can obviously go and say that he now belongs to ISIS, learn what to do, and to take further instructions to execute some terror attacks in Israel. So it's very easy to establish here a kind of infrastructure," Ackerman explained.

The good news, he says, is that Israel is capable of foiling such plots.

Many of the Palestinians carrying out recent terror attacks seem to be acting on their own.

CBN Terrorism Analyst Erick Stakelbeck said the lone wolf nature of the attackers is also an indication of the ISIS influence.

"ISIS has been calling for the past year and half, at least for Western Muslims in particular, to rise up and kind of become these one man jihads," Stakelbeck explained recently.

"Now what we're seeing in Jerusalem, in Hebron, are Palestinians, basically an army of lone wolves, carrying out just random, spur of the moment in some cases, stabbing and shooting and rock throwing and terror attacks," he said.

A mob of Palestinian rioters also set fire to the tomb of the biblical patriarch Joseph in Nablus.

That is not particularly new. Palestinian Arabs have attacked Jewish holy sites for years, long before ISIS arose. Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas condemned the attack on Joseph's Tomb, but Stakelbeck said it's very typical of what ISIS does.

"They want to erase any signs of biblical history, or Christianity or Judaism, the Old Testament, the New Testament," he said. "They want to erase them, to eradicate them from the face of the earth and from the memory of the earth."

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