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Prayer and Action are the Keys to Midterm Elections, Christian Leaders Say


JERUSALEM, Israel – Some political observers see the upcoming November elections as one of the most important in US history. Two American Christian leaders who visited Jerusalem recently believe prayer and action are the keys to the midterms.

On November 6, Americans will decide the makeup of the House of Representatives and the Senate for the next two years. Cindy Jacobs and Lance Wallnau say the Church can play a vital role in those elections.

Cindy Jacobs, Photo, CBN News, Jonathan Goff

"I think we need to pray that God will raise up righteous leaders," Jacobs, founder of Generals of Intercession told CBN News. "We're at a tipping point for the nation, and I feel if we do not vote righteously then we are going to see some things unraveled. So as intercessors we want to pray, pray, pray, you know, that God will be exalted."

Wallnau sees freedom on the line and says it's a time to act.

Lance Wallnau, Photo, CBN News, Jonathan Goff

"We need to mobilize in our country so that we are actually able to occupy the spaces where we have freedom and push back on having those freedoms taken away," he said. "And most Christians don't want to mobilize, but the Book of Acts is about acts. And that's the root of activism, and you've to get engaged."  

Jacobs is mobilizing a 40-day prayer event.

"One thing we are doing is that there is a group of prayer networks that we have all banded together and we have something called Pray in Unity," she said.

The website, Prayer in Unity.org, provides prayer guides beginning September 28 through election day.

"You can sign up," Jacobs said. "Prayer walk your street. Find a prayer group at your church but please pray. Pray for your family but always pray beyond your family because your family will suffer under unrighteous administrations if you don't pray for the nation."

Screen capture from the Prayer in Unity website

Both Wallnau and Jacobs agree that prayer is a big stop, followed by actually voting.  

"We have to pray, but we have to mobilize and vote. Sometimes we think that the prayer is the substitute for the corresponding action…you can't hire someone to do your civic duty," Wallnau said. "You've got to vote for the congressman in your district, your senator in your state. There are elections right now where you have direct authority in your own territory, so this is where Christians need to show up in their own territory."  

Jacobs said, "You know, voting is spiritual. Voting is actually a spiritual act because we are called to steward our nation. We're called to disciple our nation so if we vote we will get righteous leaders."

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