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University of Oregon Reverses anti-Israel BDS Decision, Rules it 'Unconstitutional'


BDS supporters took a hit at the University of Oregon recently after student leaders overturned a resolution that endorsed boycotts, sanctions, and divestments against Israel. The resolution was passed last May, but now it is considered "unconstitutional."

The judicial branch of the Associated Students of the University of Oregon (ASUO) struck down the resolution last week because it violates the "viewpoint-neutral" principle public universities must follow when allocating student fees, the student-run Daily Emerald reported.

The resolution also violates two parts of the ASUO constitution.

The first is section 2.3, which bans the student body from "abridging the privileges and immunities of any person or program" under school, state, and federal laws.

Second, section 2.4 prohibits denying access to activities supported by student fees "for reasons of sex, race, religion, age, sexual orientation, marital status, handicap, political view, national origin or any other extraneous considerations."

The ASUO court argued that these two sections invalidate the BDS resolution and make it unconstitutional.

The resolution was introduced by the Students United for Palestinian Equal Rights and was endorsed by 30 student groups. 

Weeks after the resolution passed, anti-Semites vandalized the university's Hillel Jewish group with explicit pro-Palestinian messages.

The Algemeiner reports that Hillel praised the ASUO court for overturning the resolution, saying BDS "divides our campus" and "offers no solution to the conflict or support for peaceful resolutions."





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