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"Turkey is specifically going after the Kurdish people and their land," Nidal Bakr, a Syrian Kurdish Christian told CBN News. "The whole world is seeing what they are doing and no one is stopping them."
The Hamas terror group ruling the Gaza Strip has a new strategy: storm the Israeli security fence.
Turkish Conquest of Afrin, Photo, Associated Press
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced victory over the "terrorists" in the Syrian city of Afrin, referring Kurdish forces who fought alongside the US in the battle against ISIS.
Before the 2016 presidential election, some evangelical Christians began comparing Donald Trump to King Cyrus, the Biblical king who's credited with allowing the Jews to return to Jerusalem from exile in the Babylonian Empire. Now some Jews, including PM Netanyahu, are doing it, too.
Vehicular Terror Attack in Jerusalem, Photo, CBN News archives
A car-ramming terror attack in northern Samaria (West Bank) killed two Israeli soldiers and seriously injured two others.
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Photo. Facebook
The man who fashions himself as the new sultan of a revived Ottoman Empire has big dreams, and one of them could well be to build an Islamic army against the state of Israel.  
Mary Magdala Mosaic, Magdala Center
New discoveries at Magdala suggest Mary Magdalene might not have been a "woman of the night" but rather an influential and wealthy woman.  For example, in the first century, well known people were often called by the name of their hometown.  That appears to be the case of Mary Magdalene.  Some scholars also believe Mary Magdalene could have been a rich widow since she supported the ministry of Jesus.  In Luke 8:3 it names her first among the women who cared for Jesus out of their own means. 
IDF Patrol, Photo, CBN News
When an enemy declares his intention to "destroy Israel," there's no other choice but to defend your country and your people, award-winning journalist Ronen Bergman explains in his new book, "Rise and Kill First: The Secret History of Israel's Targeted Assassinations."
Syria Chemical Attack, AP File Photo
The toll in Syria's civil war is staggering, with nearly half a million dead and millions more living as refugees within Syria and in neighboring countries.
The deteriorating humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip brought Israeli and Arab diplomats together Tuesday at the White House.