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US investigators are indicating China is behind the recent breach of Marriott's Starwood Hotels data. The breach transpired over four years, and compromised personal information including names, addresses, passport numbers, and credit cards for as many as 500 million people.


Canada is so consumed with being a multi-cultural nation that it no longer has a core identity and is at risk of being swallowed up in a left-wing, multicultural, politically correct experiment. 


A manhunt is underway in France for a gunman who opened fire on the popular Christmas market in Strasbourg near the border with Germany. The suspect was heard shouting Allahu Akbar - meaning "Allah is the greatest" in Arabic.


Following weeks of civil unrest, French President Emmanuel Macron finally broke his silence and even took responsibility this week for the anger of citizens protesting out-of-control taxation.


A transgender contestant is being considered a frontrunner to win the Miss Universe competition over the rest of the biologically female contestants.

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Tariffs are at the core of investors' concerns over America's trade dispute with China, with President Donald Trump seeing them as a necessary tool to force the Chinese to negotiate. So far, however, all China has done is retaliate with more tariffs. But one economist says he thinks he may have the perfect solution...


The United Nations is pushing a picture of gloom and doom over climate change. But the people of France are pushing back and it could be the start of global trend.


A suicide car bomber attacked a police headquarters in the southeastern Iranian port city of Chabahar on Thursday, killing at least two people and wounding 15, state TV reported.


The French are used to high taxes, but it was a new carbon tax that finally pushed French taxpayers to the tipping point, and ignited the worst protests in 50 years.


During a recent meeting with Nigeria's president, Christian leaders suggested that the country's military is complicit in attacks on Christians.  Violence against Christians in Nigeria has escalated in recent months.