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Forty years ago, a radical Iranian cleric led the overthrow of his country's government and installed an Islamic regime. It still stands and is the world's leading sponsor of terror. 


This latest element is just a part of the sexual abuse scandal the church hopes to address with its upcoming meeting.


Riots in the capital of Haiti have continued as the demand for President Jovenel Moise's resignation increases. The country has seen continual violent protests since early February. Hundreds of rioters are protesting the country's growing inflation and government corruption. Moise is accused of several embezzlement cases and other economic mismanagement problems. 


The humanitarian crisis in Venezuela is growing worse as the country's weeks-long political showdown drags on. And as the tragedy sinks to new levels of misery, nobody is quite sure who is in charge of the country.


Syrian refugees fleeing the last remnants of ISIS are arriving in southern Syria wounded, dehydrated, and sick. There are no humanitarian services waiting for them except a small band of Christian aid workers.


President Donald Trump predicted Wednesday that the Islamic State will lose all of its land in Syria and Iraq by next week. However, so far it appears the jihadist army isn't giving up easily .


At least 60 people were killed by Islamic terrorists in northern Nigeria last week. Amnesty International says the terrorists attacked the northeastern Nigeria border town of Rann, almost destroying it, leaving much of it in flames.


The devastation unleashed by ISIS in Iraq is still on display every day, long after the Islamic jihadists were driven out. And families who fled for their lives are still just clinging to life in the aftermath.  


Anyone who wants to get rid of Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro cannot do it without the army. And that's the tricky part because the army has been a willing partner in the Venezuelan government's criminal activities.


The Islamic State group, ISIS, has allegedly claimed responsibility for the deadly twin bombings that hit a Catholic Church in Jolo, Sulu in the southern Philippines, on Sunday morning.