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How ISIS Plans to Use Drones to Spread Deadly Viruses & Drop Explosives


A new Homeland Security bulletin suggests terrorists want to take a strategic jump to target Americans using new technology. 

One potential tactic is using armed drones to carry out their attacks.

According to Department of Homeland Security, there is an "uptick in terrorist interest" for using unmanned aerial systems as weapons to drop chemicals and viruses like anthrax.

Gregg Roman with the Middle East Forum said, "You can take a quad-copter, an off-the-shelf unmanned aerial vehicle that you can purchase for $99.00 at Radio Shack, Best Buy or even on Amazon, equip a small container on it, put a trigger that you can get for 99 cents at a hardware store and fly it over a civilian area. Then you have a roving, unmanned chemical weapon."   

The Middle East Forum is a research center working to defend our country from threats in that region.

Roman says ISIS jihadists previously used drones in their battle to hold on to the eastern Syrian city of Raqqa and the northern Iraqi city of Mosul, particularly for surveillance.

The group used the devices to spot enemy positions and even to drop explosives on enemy forces.

Now Homeland Security is also concerned about drones targeting commercial jetliners.

The DHS bulletin states unmanned aircraft systems "highlights sustained concern regarding threats against commercial aviation and air cargo... including explosives, poisons, or toxins." 

Airports across the country already deal with close calls between drones and jetliners coming in for landing. 

"There is some concern regarding the regulation of drones even in the private sector," airline passenger Michael King said.

The big picture is that Homeland Security's fight must shift and adapt. That's because as ISIS loses ground in the Middle East, its fight in the West becomes even more focused. 

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