RNC Sues IRS in Tea Party Targeting Scandal


The Republican National Committee marked tax day by filing a lawsuit against the Internal Revenue Service.

The RNC wants information from the tax agency on the Tea Party targeting scandal.

The group filed a request in May 2013 under the Freedom of Information Act, but they say the IRS has asked for multiple extensions -- something Republicans call "inexcusable."

"We're filing this suit because the Obama administration has a responsibility to be transparent and accountable to the American people. The IRS has a legal obligation to answer our inquiry for these records," RNC Chairman Reince Priebus said in a statement.

"If the IRS and the Obama administration don't have anything to hide, why not answer the request?" he challenged.

"We're going to keep fighting to hold the IRS and Obama administration accountable because Americans deserve a government that treats them fairly and not one that harasses them because of their beliefs nor an administration that goes after its perceived political enemies," Priebus said.

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