Did Former Gov. Bob McDonnell Break the Law?


A man once considered a possible presidential contender is now on trial. Former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell and his wife face political corruption charges in federal court.

Escorted by their respective legal teams, McDonnell and his wife, Maureen, arrived separately at federal courthouse, where their dirty laundry about their marriage, family, and personal finances is being aired.

"I think the more the truth comes out, the better it is for me and that's all we want in this case is the truth," the former governor said.

The McDonnells have been charged with accepting more than $165,000 in gifts, vacations, and personal loans from Jonnie Williams, a former business executive, in exchange for promoting his products.

***The major question is whether McDonnell actually broke the law. Jay Sekulow, chief counsel with the American Center for Law and Justice, offered his insight on the case, on The 700 Club, August 12.

The defense claims that at the time in question, the McDonnells' marriage was broken and the couple barely spoke, making it hard for them to engage in a criminal conspiracy.

Maureen McDonnell's attorney also suggests that Williams took advantage of her strained marriage. Others testified that Maureen had a crush on Williams.

"What do you say to your friends and supporters?" one reporter asked her.

"I love them," she responded.

So far, Maureen has taken the most heat, with her former chief of staff calling her a "nut bag," which will likely take a toll on the whole family.

One of the couple's daughters, Cailin, got emotional when she testified about Williams footing the catering bill at her wedding.

Bob McDonnell is expected to take the stand in his own defense. Until then, he's not saying much though he's always been outspoken about the importance of his Christian faith.

"I have great faith in God and the justice system and that sustains me every day," he said.

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