Pollster: 'GOP Wants IRS to Go after the Tea Party'


Jay Sekulow, chief counsel of the American Center for Law and Justice, has joined some members of Congress in calling for a special counsel on the Internal Revenue Service's targeting of conservative groups.
In an online column Sekulow noted Sens. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, and Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., along with Rep. Trey Gowdy, said a special counsel is necessary.
"Why? Because the IRS is continuing its partisan targeting," Sekulow wrote.
He also accused Democrats on Capitol Hill and the Obama administration of hindering a congressional investigation into IRS misconduct.
"This atmosphere of partisan lawlessness (a theme with this administration that was only amplified by yet another unilateral change in Obamacare deadlines) leaves citizens with no confidence that the administration can possibly police itself," Sekulow said.

Read more of Jay Sekulow's column here.

American opinion pollster Pat Caddell said the reason Republican leadership hasn't pushed for a high level investigation of the IRS is because they want the agency to go after the Tea Party.

"When you have 71 percent who want an investigation, 64 percent who believe it is a sign of corruption, including nearly a majority of Democrats, the reason is the establishment Republicans want the IRS to go after the Tea Party. Got it?" Caddell told Fox News "Political Insiders" Sunday.

"They want them to go after the Tea Party because the Tea Parties are an outside threat to their power hold," he said. "And I'm telling you the lobbying consulting class of the Republican Party or Republican leadership who have been attacking the Tea Party and alienating them, they want the IRS to do this!"

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