Poll: Most Don't Like Obama Bypassing Congress


President Barack Obama has repeatedly made changes by himself to his health care law when it's run into problems, and polls show the public doesn't like him doing that.

In a new Fox News poll, 60 percent say they disapprove of the president bypassing Congress with executive orders, while 37 percent approve.

The president vowed to skip getting congressional approval when he deems necessary. But the recent Fox poll shows most registered voters disapprove of such action.

"You have a president who is claiming the right to basically rewrite or ignore or negate federal laws and that is a very dangerous thing," constitutional attorney Jonathan Turley said on Fox News' "Kelly File," Feb. 12.

"The balancing between the branches in this fixed orbit is what not only gives stability to our system, but it protects us against authoritarian power. It protects civil liberties from abuse," Turley said. "What we've been seeing is the shift in the gravity within that system in a very dangerous way - that makes it unstable. I think that's what the president is doing.

"I think many people will come to loathe that they've remained silent during this period." Turley added.

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