White House Ramps Up 'Young Invincibles' Campaign


The White House is ramping up attempts to convince healthy young Americans to sign up for Obamacare.

President Barack Obama recently asked mothers to tell their adult children to sign up, while racy pro-Obamacare ads are telling young women they need to get free birth control.

The Obama administration is also making the rounds on college campuses and has enlisted celebrities like Lady Gaga and Kerry Washington.

On the other side, opponents like Generation Opportunity have created ads accusing "Creepy Uncle Sam" of getting involved in Americans' personal health care.

What will happen to Obamacare if young people don't sign up? CBN News spoke with Patrice Lee from Generation Opportunity, Jan. 6. Click play to watch.

This year is critical in the rollout of Obamacare, and healthy young adults are the key to helping pay for the law.

The Affordable Care Act relies heavily on college students and twenty-somethings buying insurance to offset the costs of covering many older, sicker Americans now covered under the law.

But a Harvard survey released in November shows about 40 percent of people under the age of 30 are on the fence about signing up. The rest are split evenly between those likely to enroll and those who probably won't.

Some are just angry about Washington telling them what to do.

"There's this elitist attitude that (politicians) think they know what's better for us than ourselves and that's part of why I take issue with this," said Shmuel Johnson, a 31-year-old Los Angeles resident who's never had insurance.

"I'm being forced to do something that's not necessarily in my best interest," Johnson added. "I don't need insurance, man. I'm healthy."

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