Boehner to Sue Obama over Misuse of Exec. Action


House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, is considering a lawsuit against President Barack Obama, accusing him of ignoring the law and "aggressive unilateralism."

Boehner says Obama is bypassing Congress on certain policies. The House speaker said the president is misusing his executive powers and asserting a "king-like authority."

"You know, the Constitution makes it clear that a president's job is to faithfully execute the laws. In my view, the president has not faithfully executed the laws," Boehner said. "When there's conflicts like this between the legislative branch and the administrative branch, it's in my view our responsibility to stand up for this institution in which we serve."

White House spokesman Josh Earnest disagreed with Boehner's actions and said he doesn't think Americans will support a lawsuit against the president.

"Lapsing into these kinds of tactics that - for so long that have been employed in the legislative branch and now appear to being applied at the judicial branch is frankly not the right way to go," Earnest said.

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