Obamacare, Weak Economy Hurting Democrats


Obamacare and the weak economy are hurting Democrats in the polls and likely at the ballot box in the upcoming midterm elections.

The Republicans have the biggest advantage going into this year's congressional elections that's been seen in at least two decades. And they have the greatest lead in the general congressional ballot in the past 20 years.

At this point in 1994, Democrats and Republicans were about even, and the GOP still went on to gain 54 House seats and take control.

Now, a Pew Research Center/USA Today poll shows 47 percent of voters favor Republicans, and just 43 percent support Democrats.

"The trend over the past six months in the so-called generic ballot shows that Democrats have lost ground," the Pew Research Center report read.

The poll also found that by a margin of 65 percent to 30 percent, Americans want the next president to pursue different policies than President Barack Obama.

"Barack Obama's political standing is in some respects weaker than it was at a comparable point in the 2010 campaign, which ended with the Republicans gaining a majority in the House," the Pew report read.

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