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Trump's Running Mate? Why Newt Gingrich May Be on the 'Short List'


Newt Gingrich is a busy man who could possibly get even busier. The former Georgia lawmaker's name is coming up as a serious candidate to be Donald Trump's vice president.

Just last month, Trump assured "Fox & Friends" co-host Steve Doocy that Gringrich was on his "short list" of candidates.

"Newt is such a great supporter. He's a tremendous guy … absolutely [he is on the list]. I'll say yes because he's been such a supporter. Anybody that supports me is on the short list," Trump told Doocy.

While speaking at Regent University a few months ago, Trump made it clear he's looking for someone with extensive political experience.

"I would want somebody who could help me with government. So most likely that would be a political person," the business tycoon said.
That seems to describe Gingrich perfectly. As a former House speaker, he has many key relationships inside the beltway. Plus, Gingrich is considered a conservative warrior.

Trump will need a reliable conservative by his side to deal with skeptical Republicans throughout the general election, and Gingrich just may fit the bill.

Newt Gingrich talks about Trump and being a possible vice presidential candidate on The 700 Club, Monday, June 6.

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