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'Strong Military, More Jobs, Less Taxes': Pence Rallies CPAC Troops for Trump

Mike Pence CPAC

On the first day of the Conservative Political Action Conference, Vice President Mike Pence rallied conservatives around President Donald Trump's agenda.

"President Trump is a man of his word, and we're keeping the promises he made to the American people. Over at the White House, I like to say we're in the promise-keepin' business these days," Pence told the CPAC audience Thursday night.

Pence bashed the Democratic Party for making promises to the American people that they couldn't keep and he said it's time to prove again that "our answers are the right answers."

"A strong military, more jobs, less taxes, respect for the Constitution and the values that have made America great in a deep and abiding faith in the goodness of the American people," Pence said.

Even though former House Speaker John Boehner said Thursday that Republicans wouldn't repeal Obamacare, but simply fix it, Pence said the GOP would indeed get rid of it. 

"President Donald Trump is leading the fight to repeal and replace Obamacare. And let me assure you, America's Obamacare nightmare is about to end. Despite the best efforts of liberal activists at town halls around the country, the American people know better. Obamacare has failed and Obamacare must go," Pence told the crowd.

Other key members of the Trump White House also spoke to the conservative crowd, including top advisers Steve Bannon and Reince Priebus. 

Bannon said the battles between the media and the administration are far from over. 

"It's not only not going to get better, it's going to get worse everyday with the media. And here's why. By the way, the internal logic makes sense -- they're corporatist, globalist media that are adamantly opposed, adamantly opposed to an economic nationalist agenda like Donald Trump has," Bannon said.

He stressed that the Trump administration would continue to fight, and he encouraged the audience to hold the president's team accountable for delivering on the promises it has made.

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