What's Next for House Leadership with Scalise Absent?


WASHINGTON – Life is getting back to normal on Capitol Hill following Wednesday's congressional baseball practice attack, but without one noticeable key player: House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, R-La., who was badly hurt in the attack.
Scalise, who remains in critical condition at a Washington hospital, was shot in the hip. The bullet fractured several bones and injured internal organs, causing severe internal bleeding.
Doctors say he could still face multiple surgeries.  
"It's been much more difficult than people even thought at the time. It's been – he's in some trouble, but he's a great fighter and he's going to be okay, we hope," said President Donald Trump at a Thursday news conference.
So what does Scalise's absence mean for the majority whip position and House leadership?
The majority whip keeps track of House members and tries to sway them to vote a certain way.
It's an elected post, voted on by House members themselves.
Whips are usually chosen right before a new Congress and if the position is vacated during session, a new whip is elected.
It's still too early to say if and when Scalise will return to the leadership role.
But if the days following the shooting have proved anything, it's that his peers and his country are rooting for him.
"Tonight we're all Team Scalise," House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., said at Thursday night's Congressional Baseball Game.

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