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'I Miss It': President Trump in New Jersey as White House Undergoes Renovations


President Donald Trump, who is working in New Jersey while the White House is undergoing renovations, said he "missed" being at the historic residence.

"It's a long-term project and they approved it years ago, and I said, 'Well, I guess this would be a good place to be in the meantime," the president said. "So they're doing a lot of work at the White House. I miss it. I'd like to be there. But this is a good way of doing it."

White House Deputy Press Secretary Hogan Gidley explained, "It is a priority of President Trump's to ensure safety on the White House Complex and continue to preserve the history of "The People's House" for the next generation of Americans,"

2018 White House Complex Renovation details:

1. The West Wing:
• The restrooms on the ground floor and second floor of the West Wing have not been modernized in approximately 40 years. The planned infrastructure improvements will address safety concerns and will include durable materials and finishes.
• The West Wing elevator's wood paneling will be replaced with federal standard, fire-rated paneling and new fixtures and lighting will be installed.
• The Navy Mess kitchen requires plumbing and drainage upgrades to address safety concerns and prevent additional water damage. The dining room requires repairs to wood paneling and faux walls due to cracking, chipping and wear and tear. The ceiling, lighting and cabinet doors will also be replaced.

2. The East Wing:
• The General Services Administration (GSA) will replace an air-handling unit in the East Wing. This will complete the modernization of the central air and heating capacity for the East Wing that began six years ago.
• The National Park Service will conduct cleaning, spot-priming and painting of the facades of the East Wing and East Terrace. This work is conducted routinely to preserve the exterior of the White House and maintain the appearance of the East Wing.

3. The Executive Residence:
• The East Room ceiling is cracking, creating a safety concern for the first family, staff and visitors to the White House. The cracks will be repaired and the entire ceiling will be re-painted in order to preserve and maintain this historic room.
• The marble in the Executive Residence on the State Floor will be repaired and polished. Cracked marble will be repaired and re-grouted.
• The National Park Service will replace the five doors at the South Portico of the White House, which are weathered from extensive use and rotting.

4. The Eisenhower Executive Office Building (EEOB):
• GSA will remove and replace the existing asphalt in the southeast carriageway and install heat tape to prevent ice accumulation during the winter. This is a high-traffic area used by staff and visitors and the heat tape will make this area safer.
• The historic Navy steps of the EEOB will be power washed and cleaned.

5. The White House Grounds:
• The arbor in the Jackie Kennedy Garden is in need of structural repairs due to its age and rotting wood. The wood structure of the arbor will be removed and rebuilt with the existing columns.
• The current pavers below the Jackson Magnolia tree are cracked and have become a tripping hazard, causing safety concerns. The pavers will be removed, the ground underneath regraded, and the pavers reset to fix these safety concerns and to improve the appearance around this historic tree.
• The National Park Service will be repairing two windows on the north side of the mansion to address safety concerns, to remove the threat of water damage and bugs, and improve the overall appearance of the Executive Residence.

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