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This Week:  Battle Looms Over High Court's Nominee and a 'Liberty Link' Between the US and Israel'


CBN News Showcase highlights important news stories of the week, stories of faith and what God is doing in the world. It is also an opportunity for you to join our anchors in praying over the headlines and praying for our nation and the world.

This week, the battle over the president's potential Supreme Court justice nominee.  Who will the president pick?

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo sits down with representatives of North Korea's Kim Jong Un. The meeting comes as some people question the dictator's actions since his summit with President Trump. Is North Korea still a nuclear threat?

And a huge revival in the Southeast opens hearts and saves souls.

Plus, American celebrated her 242nd birthday this week. Find out about a "liberty link" that exists between the U.S. and Israel.

Join CBN News anchors Mark Martin and Charlene Israel for these stories and more.  Just click the player above.

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