Darlene Zschech Faces Battle with Breast Cancer


Christian singer-songwriter Darlene Zschech recently posted a blog announcing that she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

The malignancy was discovered after a routine mammogram on Dec. 11.

Zschech said she's already had surgery and was released from SAN hospital in Sydney on Christmas Eve.

Despite her challenges during recovery, the singer said she's found comfort in the Holy Spirit and the Bible.

"Even though the past days have been very tough at times, the Holy Spirit has brought me endless comfort and the Word of God is literally holding me moment by moment," she wrote.

The singer added that her family, both spiritual and natural, has also been a blessing.

"My husband and children have been heroic and I can't thank my family enough for their love and support through this. Our church leadership team have anointed me with oil and prayed with unity and authority, a band of trusted friends have helped me prayerfully and practically," she continued.

Zschech boasted about two miracles in her body she's experienced thus far. She didn't provide details about the miracles but declared that she's confident there are more to come.

Please join CBN News in praying for her speedy recovery.

For updates go to Darlene Zschech's website.

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