Faith Activists Call for Islamic State's Destruction


Dozens of religious activists and scholars have signed an online petition calling for the military destruction of the self-proclaimed Islamic State, also known as ISIS.

Signers included conservatives, liberals and moderates from all political parties.

While they say the don't glorify war, they are concerned that nothing will stop the Islamic terrorists' campaign of genocide against religious minorities.

The signers call out crimes of ISIS against humanity as "unconscionable acts of barbarism against noncombatants, including defenseless women, children, and elderly persons."

The following is an excerpt from the petition:

Therefore we call upon the United States and the international community to do everything necessary to empower local forces fighting ISIS/ISIL in Iraq to protect their people. No options that are consistent with the principles of just war doctrine should be off the table.

We further believe that the United States' goal must be more comprehensive than simply clamping a short-term lid on the boiling violence that is threatening so many innocents in ISIS/ISIL's path.  Nothing short of the destruction of ISIS/ISIL as a fighting force will provide long-term protection of victims.

The petition also urges the U.S. to expand airstrikes and fully arm Kurdish troops.

Signers of the petition include Rev. Russell Moore, Dr. Ben Carson, and author Eric Metaxas.

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