Snow, Ice: Second Storm Pounds Midwest, Northeast


The latest winter storm to hit the nation is delivering a triple whammy Wednesday: snow, ice and rain. More than 160 million Americans in two dozen states are facing treacherous commutes and other weather-related hazards.

It's the second winter storm to hit this week, and in the Midwest that means an army of snow plows and crews working around the clock.

"We just take the snow from the left side and we push it all the way over to the right," snow plow driver Kati Horner Gonzales said.

Kansas City is facing the brunt of the storm, with residents bracing for up to 12 inches of snow -- the largest accumulation in 20 years.

One Southwest Airlines jet landed in Kansas City and promptly got stuck in the snow, forcing the airline to bus passengers to the terminal.

In many other areas, like Indiana, ice poses a huge threat.

"We've had situations where people have thought that because they were in a four-wheel drive vehicle that they're invincible," Indiana State Police Lt. Jerry Williams said.

On top of the overnight snowfall, up to half an inch of ice is expected Wednesday in New Jersey, Connecticut, and New York City.

All that ice weighing down power lines is a major concern for the city. Mayor Bill Deblasio is urging commuters to stay inside or use mass transit.

Meanwhile, cities and states across the Midwest and Northeast are also reeling economically in the wake of this winter's severe weather.

The Midwest is facing a salt shortage.

"It's very difficult getting salt right now, whether it's bagged salt or bulk salt," Todd Dennis, with Rock Bottom Stone Supply, said.

"Just yesterday the price doubled actually," Michigan contractor Michael Forystek said. "So if it costs $300 to fill a truck up, now it's $600."

In the Northeast, budgets for snow removal have already been wiped out in many areas.

To make matters worse, a third storm is expected this weekend, further increasing the strain on communities that are already winter-weary.

This latest storm is also hitting as far south as Arkansas where thousands are without power after a mix of snow, sleet, and freezing rain.

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