'Respect the Rules' - Immigrant Backlash Spreads


The illegal immigrant crisis along the U.S.- Mexico border is fueling outrage in some towns across the United States.

In Murietta, California, residents are angry with President Barack Obama for allowing an immigrant invasion along America's southern border - one that has threatened to bring illegals to their city.
"Mr. Obama, stop it! That's what I want to say," Murrieta resident Heidi Knuth said at a standing room only city council meeting Tuesday.

Resident Carol Carlson said, "We're losing our country. I feel like we're being destroyed."

An estimated 52,000 children have crossed the border since October. And as many as 80,000 more children without parents will cross the border this year in what the White House has called an "immediate humanitarian crisis."

Homeland Security buses carrying illegal immigrants were turned back from a facility near San Diego after protesters blocked the vehicles from reaching a suburban processing center.

Some people, like Delia Sanchez, were there to support the illegals.

"It's children," she said. "It's not their fault. Their parents sent them over here."

But many were strongly opposed.

"They're coming here for free food, free housing, free medical," Murrieta resident Greg Allison said. "Our hospitals are already overburdened."

Resident Matt Nunez agreed.

"You need to respect the rules," he said. "My parents came over; they're not waving Cuban and Mexican flags - they're waving American flags."

Eventually the buses turned back and headed south - something resident Joseph Culbertson called a "victory for Murrieta."

"If they go anywhere else, stop them from coming there, too," he said. "Because it's what's right."

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