Restoration: Fall in Love with America's 'Smallness'


Many people fear America's best days are behind her. But one former lawmaker is optimistic that the nation can regain its splendor if its citizens fall in love with it again.

According to former Sen. Jim DeMint, R-S.C., the United States is at risk from what he calls the "bigs" -- big labor, big banks, and the biggest "big" of them all: big government.

He says that's the reason the nation has become so large and bloated that it often hurts the very people it purports to serve.

In his new book, Falling in Love with America - Again, DeMint argues the key to restoring America's greatness lies in rediscovering the power of "smallness."

The former lawmaker says it's those "little platoons" of families, churches, communities and volunteer groups who make America the "can-do" country it's always been.

Jim DeMint talked more about his new book and how to restore America to its former glory on The 700 Club, March 10.

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