Media Goes Manic over Openly Gay NFL Draft Pick


Michael Sam, the first openly gay player drafted by a pro football team, is headed to Saint Louis, Missouri.

The Rams drafted Sam on Saturday in the seventh round -- the 249th pick overall.

He was a successful defensive end at the University of Missouri and Southeastern Conference Player of the Year.

Still, Sam could struggle transitioning to the NFL and the media circus surrounding him.

Commissioner Roger Goodell welcomed the historic addition to the league and said Sam will be judged only on his ability to play football.

Sam stole the show with the NFL draft this year, despite not being a top pick. The media attention he received was not over his athletic skill but his homosexuality, and a now-famous live on air kiss with his boyfriend, Vito Cammisano.

Former Super Bowl champ Derrick Ward tweeted a comment criticizing Sam and the coverage and is now facing a hailstorm of criticism from the media.

Can viewers express their opinion on homosexuality and not be attacked? Matt Barber, with the Liberty Council, answered this and more on CBN Newswatch, May 12.


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