Arizona Closer to Snap Inspections for Abortion Clinics


Arizona lawmakers passed a bill this week removing the warrant requirement law for so-called snap inspections of abortion clinics.

The measure was approved by the Senate Wednesday in a 17-13 vote, mostly along party lines.

Republicans believe the bill protects the lives of women and children.

"This is not about pro-life or pro-choice at this point," Sen. Nancy Barto, R-Phoenix, said. "What it is about is protecting the lives of women and children."

But most Democrats say it hurts women's health and access to abortion.

"This bill simply opens the door for abuse and does nothing to keep women safe," Sen. Olivia Cajero Bedford, D-Tucsonduring, said during the floor debate. "In fact, it's just another harassment tool the supporters are pushing to force a lawsuit."

The measure now goes to Arizona's governor for final approval.

Pro-abortion groups say they plan on contesting it in court if it becomes law.

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