'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' Hits Theaters


Chris Evans reprises his role as Steve Rogers in the long-awaited sequel "Captain America: The Winter Solder," which opens in theaters across the nation Friday.

A throwback from another time, Rogers struggles to adjust to a new era where the line between good and evil is blurred.

"One of the thrills of the first Captain America movie is its sense of innocence," Plugged-In film critic Paul Asay writes. "Oh, it's violent, of course. Name a superhero movie that isn't."

"Cap himself is a conscious throwback to a different sort of hero -- a guy from the Greatest Generation who fit his times and embraces his role as role model," he added.

"But if Cap hasn't changed much, the times have, and that makes 'The Winter Soldier' a darker, colder movie," Asay concluded.

***So, is "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" a family-friendly film? Bob Waliszewski, director of Focus on the Family's entertainment review department Plugged in Online, answered this question and more, on CBN News Today, April 4. Click play to watch.

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