GoPro Project Offers Glimpse into Lives of Homeless


It's not always easy to put yourself in the shoes of those suffering around you. But one San Francisco group is using video technology to offer a glimpse into the lives of the homeless.

Adam Reichart has been homeless for 30 years and recently a group of sociologists picked him to be the center of the "Homeless GoPro Project." The project aims at creating more compassion for the homeless community.

Every day Reichart documents his time on the streets using a GoPro video camera in order to show others the hardships homeless life.

"I feel like it's a lot easier. The best way to put it is, be cold, or have less feelings when you're typing something than when you're looking someone in the eye," Reichart explained.

The goal of the project is to create more compassion for the homeless community.

"I notice every day that people are losing their compassion and their empathy -- not just for homeless people, but for society in general," Reichart said.

Reichart explained how for the homeless, finding food and a place to sleep is harder than most people realize.

"Average right now is 40 hours of waiting in a line for a bed for one night. People don't realize stuff like that. You know, going to get lunch, an hour to two hours," Reichart said.
Erika Baraza, co-founder of the project, said, "At the core of what we're trying to do is get a better understanding of the stories of what's happening, so that we can innovate new ideas on how we can use these services better."

The project plans to release a new video every week. Click here to learn more.

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