Kan., Wash. Highway Shootings Baffle Police


Police in Kansas City, Mo., are asking the public to help them solve a series of highway shootings over the past month.

Kansas City police confirmed Monday that vehicles traveling on highways have been targeted in 13 separate shooting incidents.

Three drivers have been injured in the shootings, but none critically. Police are investigating to see if the incidents are related.

In the most recent incident, a man was driving down the highway when a bullet penetrated the back door of his car. No one was hurt.

Meanwhile in Seattle, Wash., a man fired six shots into a woman's car as she drove on one of the busiest freeways in the state.

She told police a slender black male in a gold 1990s-vintage Buick was tailgating her. He pulled alongside and tried to talk to her. When she sped up, he pumped six bullets into her car. She was unhurt.

"If anybody saw anything, we're just looking for someone who could just call in and maybe give us some idea of who did this," Lt. Tom Thompson, with Fife Police Department, said.

Police say these kinds of shootings often happen under the cover of darkness, but this incident took place in broad daylight.

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