Texas Churches Honor Ft. Hood Shooting Victims


Several Texas churches held special services this weekend honoring the three soldiers killed in last Wednesday's mass shooting at Fort Hood.

At Tabernacle Baptist Church, located just outside the sprawling Texas military base, the lesson was based on Isaiah 35:4, "Be strong, fear not."

The preacher implored those gathered Sunday to find hope in God, but also acknowledged the question on everyone's mind: Why Fort Hood - again?

"The devil is the author of what happened on Wednesday, but we do know the answer. We know there is hope," Pastor Robert Sperbeck said.

At other services in and around Killeen, Texas, attendees took time to pray for the 16 people Army Spc. Ivan Lopez injured before taking his own life in the shooting attack. 

Deon Josephs, 31, was among those seriously injured. His brother and sister say Josephs, who was shot in the shoulder and spine, were actually friends with the shooter.

"He was friends with him, in the same unit," Josephs' brother, Darren, said. "His battle buddy told me the people he was closest to, those were the ones he seemed to target."

This is the second fatal shooting rampage on the base in five years. The last one was the terrorist attack carried out by Army psychiatrist and al Qaeda follower Nidal Hassan. He killed 13 and wounded more than 30 people at the base.

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