Wash. Pleads for Help as Mudslide Losses Hit $10M


Officials estimate the financial losses from a deadly mudslide in Washington state have reached $10 million.

Gov. Jay Inslee has asked the federal government for a major disaster declaration.

The landslide destroyed about $7 million in buildings, plus their contents, leaving some families in need of housing assistance.

Local churches and trauma counselors from the Billy Graham Rapid Response Team are offering their support to rescue workers and families.

"There is counseling available on scene, with the workers," Steve Harris, division supervisor for the Eastern Management Team, said.

"This is unlike what a lot of our staff worked with," Harris explained. "You don't deal with these types of incidents every day so, yes, counseling is really important."

Officials have confirmed at least 24 deaths, not including three victims found on Monday. Twenty-two people are still missing.

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