Hacked? Your Smartphone Not So Smartly Secure


Experts are saying your smartphone may pose a risk to your privacy.

For many, smartphones are usually connected to the Internet, making them difficult to secure and vulnerable to hackers.

"Anything  [hackers] can choose to do, they can?," Mathew Solnik, a security consultant who works with Fortune 500 companies and the U.S. government, said. "If they want to install Angry Birds on the cellphone, that's what they can do."

Smartphones contain a great deal of personal information, including contacts, conversations, photos, possible financial info and more.

"The vast majority of consumers don't grasp the impact that this change has had," Ralf-Philipp Weinmann, who demonstrated a similar attack on mobile phones in 2010, said. "You store a lot of information on a device that is constantly connected to a network."

The Wall Street Journal reports experts will be discussing the issue of smartphone security at Black Hat Security Conference in Las Vegas next week, as companies look for ways to protect consumers and their phones.

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