Hawaii Braces for First Hurricane in 22 Years


Hawaii is bracing for two Category 1 hurricanes. It marks the first time in 22 years that such a storm system has threatened the big island.

The first hurricane, Iselle, is expected to bring heavy rains, winds gusting up to 85 miles per hour and flooding in some areas.

Workers on the island prepared for the worst by sandbagging and clearing drains, and residents are stocking up on everything from bottled water and gas to groceries.
Tourists are streaming into the airports, and airlines are changing flights for free so vacationers can get out of town.

"We're leaving tomorrow and I'm a little concerned if we'll be able to get out with the turbulence and stuff," Waikiki tourist Gwen Johnson  said.

Hurricane Julio, meanwhile, is expected to slowly strengthen and pass north of Hawaii sometime this weekend.

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