Husband of Ebola Patient Able to Visit His Wife


SIM missionary David Writebol was finally able to see his wife, Ebola patient Nancy Writebol, on Sunday.

Writebol finished his 21-day quarantine period on the Charlotte SIM campus and traveled to Atlanta where his wife remains in isolation at Emory University Hospital.

"I had the great joy to be able to look through the isolation room glass and see my beautiful wife again," Writebol said. "She was standing with her radiant smile, happy beyond words."

Writebol said his wife is slowly gaining strength and that he was able to pray with her over the intercom.

David Writebol finished the medical monitoring period on Sunday and SIM reports that he has no symptoms of the Ebola virus.

Last week he told a group of national media that he doesn't blame anyone for his wife's illness.

"Though Nancy contracted the Ebola disease we do not see that as a failure on God's part," he said. "The reality is God's purposes are higher than our own pain."

The World Health Organization reports that 1,013 people have died in the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. Authorities have recorded 1,848 suspected, probable or confirmed cases of the disease.

It's estimated that 40 percent of those infected with Ebola right now are surviving.

The country of Liberia announced Monday that it would soon receive doses of the experimental Ebola drug Zmapp. The government will give it to two sick doctors-the first Africans to receive the treatment.

The news comes as anger grows over who has received the drug. So far, only three Westerners have used it.

They are Nancy Writebol, Dr. Kent Brantly, and Rev. Miguel Pajares, a Spanish missionary priest who worked in Liberia during the outbreak.

Pajares received ZMapp after the Spanish Air Force flew him out of Liberia to Spain. He died Tuesday, Aug. 12.

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