Justice Bader: Buffer Zone Ruling a 'Good Decision'


Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is defending the Supreme Court's decision to strike down a 35-foot buffer zone outside Massachusetts abortion clinics.

The liberal justice said the court's unanimous ruling in June balances the rights of clinic access with the free speech of abortion opponents.

"It was not a compromise decision but a good decision to say, 'Yes, you can regulate, but it is speech so you have to be careful not to go too far,'" Ginsburg told The Associated Press.

The Feminist Majority Foundation said the decision emboldens more violence, harassment, and intimidation of women in the name of free speech.

But Ginsburg said the state's court case in defense of the law was weak.

"If you looked at what they had in evidence, it was pitiful compared to some in-your-face demonstrations," she said.

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