National Guard Called In as Ferguson Riots Escalate


Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon has ordered the National Guard to the streets of Ferguson after another night of violence.

The city has been the scene of unrest following the death of Michael Brown, 18, an unarmed black teen killed by a police officer just over a week ago.

A private autopsy shows Brown was shot six times. Police say Brown and Officer Darren Wilson had some kind of altercation before the shooting.

Sunday, hundreds attended a memorial service for Brown.

On the streets peaceful protests gave way to chaos as marchers clashed with police in riot gear over the weekend. Police in armored vehicles launched tear gas and smoke canisters into the crowd.

"There were shootings, looting vandalism, and other acts of violence. We had to act," Capt. Ron Johnson said.

Meanwhile, Brown's uncle, Pastor Charles Ewing, said his nephew would oppose the violence plaguing the city.

"Rioting and looting is not the way, but Jesus is the way," he told his congregation.

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