These Scouts Brave 4,000 Miles of Heat, for Two Months!


How long does it take to get from the West Coast to the East Coast? It all depends on your mode of transportation.

How long does it take to get from the West Coast to the East Coast? It all depends on your mode of transportation.

It took a group of Eagle Scouts two months to travel nearly 4,000 miles - on their bikes!

Eagle Scouts from BSA Troop 165 of Fredericksburg, Virginia, took on this cross-country adventure with a mission in mind: to inspire young men to lead a healthy and active lifestyle, and to persevere in everything they do.

The troop had been planning and training for two years. To encourage other Eagle Scouts to join them along the way, they named their cross-country adventure "Eagle Scouts Cycling Across America."

The journey began June 8 as they drove from Virginia to California. Then, on June 15, they started making their way east from Stinson Beach, about an hour north of San Francisco.

The Scouts say their cross-country adventure was far from easy, but definitely worth the effort. From extreme summer heat, to hail, the elements tested their determination.

Eagle Scout Jonathan Herman recalled one of his most difficult moments along the journey.

"In Kansas. It was 125 miles, it was like mile 120, I was sitting there. I'm like, 'Oh my gosh, this is horrible,' because it's like 110 degrees outside," he said. "And I wanted to quit, but I was thinking 'five miles away, just finish it.'"

The scouts believe it's that kind of determination that will help them succeed in many other areas of their lives.

With the support of fellow scouts, their Scout Master, volunteers, and their families, the Eagle Scouts successfully completed their journey across the nation.

"Our first day at Stintson Beach, California, we started with our back tires in the Pacific Ocean, and we finished the ride in Virginia Beach with our front tires in the Atlantic Ocean," Assistant Scout Master Michael Prevost said.

With such a great accomplishment, many may be wondering what their next adventure will be.

For now, getting back to school - some to high school like 15-year-old Tucker Cullen - the youngest scout on this adventure.

Other scouts are off to college, like 18-year-old Ben Prevost, who's starting his freshman year at Regent University.


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