Whistleblower Blasts VA Report's 'No Proof' Claim


A whistleblower who exposed the crisis in healthcare at America's veterans hospitals is blasting a new Veterans Affairs report.

An investigation by the VA's Office of Inspector General found "no conclusive evidence" that veterans died while waiting for care.

"They said they were 'unable to conclusively assert that the absence of care caused the deaths.' And that's a very strange statement," Dr. Sam Foote said.

Dr. Foote used to work at the VA in Phoenix. He came forward with allegations of impropriety at VA hospitals at the end of 2013.

The new VA report did mention six veterans who died after delayed care, but it said there was no proof that the delays caused any deaths.

"Well, how can you have a clinically significant delay and not have it affect the outcome? That doesn't make sense," Foote said.

And Dr. Foote has another concern. He worries some of the information he handed over to investigators has now been destroyed.

The VA's report did confirm that workers falsified waitlists while their supervisors looked the other way or even directed it, resulting in chronic delays for veterans seeking care.

The VA says any potential criminal violations will be presented to federal prosecutors. A separate FBI investigation is still going on.

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