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Professor Under Review over 'Homophobic' Comments


A Catholic university in Wisconsin has placed one of its professors under review and temporarily banned him from teaching or visiting the campus after blog posts he made about gay marriage.

Dr. John McAdams, a tenured professor of political science at Marquette University, was punished after he posted blogs criticizing a philosophy teaching assistant for informing a student that gay marriage could not be discussed in class.

McAdams noted that the student recorded the conversation, in which the assistant said that opposition to gay marriage is "homophobic" and would offend any gay students in class.

In another blog post this week, McAdams said Marquette "has again shown itself to be timid, overly bureaucratic, and lacking any commitment to either its Catholic mission or free expression."

McAdams said Marquette has not informed him of its reason for placing him under review. It did not respond to CBN New's request for a reason.

Marquette did forward a statement to CBN News explaining that McAdams continues to receive his salary and benefits. Click play to watch our interview with McAdams.

It also noted that under faculty conduct rules "a professor cannot be relieved of teaching duties for voicing an opinion about whether a potentially controversial subject should be allowed by a TA (teaching assistant) to be discussed in class."

CBN News also spoke to David French with the American Center for Law and Justice about McAdam's situation. Click play below to watch. French also gives tips to students and teachers on how to protect themselves in situations like this one.

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