Pot Users Getting High on Colorado's Dime?


Now that it is legal to buy marijuana in Colorado, the state's Department of Human Services is worried people on welfare could be using their benefits to buy the drug.

Records show 56 cash withdrawals were made with benefit cards at 19 marijuana shop ATMs in January. The withdrawals totaled nearly $4,000, but the state still doesn't have concrete proof of any pot purchases.

"One, I think if you're spending your welfare money to buy marijuana instead of diapers for your child, you probably have your priorities misplaced," a customer at The Greener Side Marijuana Dispensary in Pueblo said.

"They're good people," he continued. "They're law-abiding people who like to get high once in a while. Nothing wrong with that."

There's no law against welfare recipients using their benefits card to buy marijuana.

Democrats in the state legislature introduced a bill to prevent ATM withdrawals inside marijuana dispensaries and strip clubs, but the bill was voted down.

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