'Endless Love,' 'Winter's Tale' Hit Theaters


Two new romantic movies are debuting just in time for Valentine's Day in theaters across the nation.

The new romance flick "Endless Love" only earned a two out of five for family friendliness from Focus on the Family's entertainment review department PluggedIn Online.

"This remake of the 1981 Brooke Shields movie is catnip for moon-eyed teens, a sexually charged fantasy that encourages young girls to dream of sonnet-worthy relationships with the cute criminal in algebra class," PluggedIn film critic Bob Hoose writes.

Another romantic movie, "Winter's Tale," didn't fare much better.

"Pretty scenes, pretty props, and pretty actors matter pretty much not all when they're all used to defend a mishmash of convoluted sentimentality and spiritual counterfeits," PluggedIn film critic Paul Asay said.

Bob Waliszewski, director of Plugged In Online, talked more about both films on CBN News Today, Feb. 14.

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