Ex-Obama Official Backs Keystone Pipeline


A former Obama administration scientist is now throwing her support behind building the Keystone XL oil pipeline.
Marcia McNutt headed the U.S. Geological Survey under President Barack Obama from 2009 through 2013. She's now the top editor of Science Magazine.
In a Feb. 21 op-ed for the magazine, she argued the pipeline wouldn't worsen greenhouse gas emissions and would be less damaging to the environment than other forms of transporting oil, like rail and trucks.
"This position may seem incongruous with my personal crusade to minimize fossil fuel use, a desire rooted in scientific understanding that climate change is a real threat and that tar sands oil produces higher GHG emissions than many alternatives," McNutt wrote.
McNutt is just the latest former administration official to back the pipeline. Former Interior Secretary Ken Salazar announced his support earlier this month.
Even so, building the pipeline will still be an uphill battle.
On Thursday, a county judge in Nebraska struck down a law giving the pipeline the green light to proceed through the state.

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