Facebook Read More Than the Bible


Facebook is more popular than the Bible in America, according to a new study.

Researchers found more Americans check Facebook daily than read the Holy Scriptures.

As the social network celebrates its 10th anniversary, it boasts more monthly users worldwide than most continents have people.

Facebook has 757 million daily active users, with 19 percent of those in the United States and Canada. That's more than 143 million people checking Facebook daily, compared to only 40 million people in the same region reading the Bible daily, according to a 2006 CBS News poll.

The Bible used to be the go-to for statistics about reading, pre-digital age.

Facebook claims 1.23 billion monthly users. That's more people than live in any country but China.

In fact, Facebook is beyond comparing to nations and is more continental in magnitude. Facebook's monthly user population is larger than six of the seven continents, second only to Asia.

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