Millions Falling Through Obamacare Coverage Gap


People are continuing to have issues with President Barack Obama's Affordable Health Care program, with millions finding themselves in a coverage catch-22.

"We make too much money and too little money at the same time so we fall into that gap where we cannot get coverage," Los Angeles resident Robert Reed said.

Reed falls in between government assistance and private insurance. California officials said he should be covered, but he can't find insurance he can afford.

"I withdrew from law school," Reed said. "Now I'm just going to have to go get a job that pushes my salary up so I can get my family covered."

The problem appears to affect residents in the 26 states that did not accept a federal expansion of Medicaid coverage.

People like Reed simply make too much money to qualify for Medicaid and too little to be eligible for subsidies through Obamacare.

The Department for Health and Hospitals said they're trying to create state-level programs to fix the problem.

But after a recent hospital stay, Reed said he needs a solution now.

"I got my first hospital bill for $17,000. That's just the first," he said. "I haven't even gotten the doctors and the specialists' bills yet. I'm going to be paying for this forever."

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