Preschoolers Send Valentines to US Troops


Some Vermont preschoolers are already preparing for Valentine's Day, making special cards for a very deserving valentine - a soldier serving in Afghanistan.

The preschoolers are all between the ages of three and five. They might not understand the reality of deployment, but one thing their teachers make sure they do know: soldiers sacrifice a lot for the Americans' freedom.

Some of the kids even have family members serving overseas. 

"We've been talking about it all week long. And some of the children actually have family members that have been deployed and understand," Kinderstart Preschool Director Judy Bergeron said.

The kids are sending their valentines through the program Operation Adopt a Solider.

"You do arts and crafts, take a day and do cards or letters or something and I'll ship them over for you. And I said, the guys are going to love it. And this, this is perfect," Operation Adopt a Soldier volunteer Howard Longway said.

The Valentine's surprise will include cards and sweet treats for the military member and his crew.

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