President's Day: Remembering Our 'Real Heroes'


WASHINGTON -- Many Americans see President's Day as a good chance to find holiday shopping deals.

But Brad Meltzer, author of the book I Am Abraham Lincoln suggested it's also a great opportunity to teach kids about real heroes with patriotic values.

"I was just really tired of watching my own children look at reality TV show stars and loud-mouthed athletes and think they're heroes," he told CBN News. "I tell my kids all the time, 'That's fame. And being famous is very different than being a hero.'"

"I said to myself, 'I have so many better heroes for them,'" he continued. "I have Abraham Lincoln and Rosa Parks and Amelia Earhart. They're heroes who can teach them real values."

"And what we do in the books is not just tell the story that you know about these heroes, but we show the heroes when they were kids," Meltzer explained. "We see Abraham Lincoln when he's a little boy. And the result is your kids and your grandkids can see the power and the potential that's in each of us."

***Brad Meltzer shared more about his new book on CBN News Today, Feb. 17.

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