Restaurant Charges Obamacare Tax on Meals


The cost of insuring employees under the president's health care law is hurting many small businesses.

One Los Angeles restaurant is passing the cost on to it's costumers.

The Los Angeles Times reports Republique on La Brea is imposing what they call a "healthy L.A." surcharge. The 3 percent fee is added to every costumer's bill.

The owners of the restaurant say the money will go to pay for health care insurance for the employees.

Some diners have expressed outrage over the charge, though others have expressed their understanding.

"Terrific that they're looking out for their employees," said Joel S. in a yelp review online.

"They won't tell you this up front. You have to look closely at your check and there's a line item called 'Health Service Fee.' It's really outrageous," another reviewer, Cari L., said. "Health insurance is a cost of doing business, same as rent and staff. It's not a tax you can charge your customers."

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